SMSJuice APIs Introduction - What is an API?

What’s an API? It stands for Application Programming Interface. This is tech talk for a channel enabling a system to provide services to an external application. Okay, let’s use a real world service like a bank as an illustration. If

Text Messaging In Healthcare

The effectiveness and the instant nature of text messaging is something that can be put to good use in the healthcare sector, especially in improving and enhancing the outcome of the health of patients. The wellness and safety of patients is an important

Is 2-factor authentication good for my service?

I'm sure you can agree with me that the safety and security of your clients’ data on any website or web service is of utmost importance. The safety and security of their data is one thing that they want to be assured of. Unfortunately with the recen

New businesses: How to send SMS with no contacts.

Are you a business that wants to use SMS but don't have any subscribers/clients to start with? Have you been struggling to find the best way to reach your audience without stepping on their feet? There are many ways to legitimately collect subscribers' de

How to build a highly responsive subscription base.

When you have a web site that your clients/followers go to, then you have the ultimate tool to get them to subscribe to your new products, services, discounts and offers. By letting them subscribe to your alerts and notifications you are guaranteed to hav