• By Wilson Mazaiwana
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  • Posted Dec 16, 2015

New businesses: How to send SMS with no contacts.

Are you a business that wants to use SMS but don't have any subscribers/clients to start with? Have you been struggling to find the best way to reach your audience without stepping on their feet? There are many ways to legitimately collect subscribers' details for use in the future. Below is one of the best ways to get potential subscribers to subscribe.

There is no better way to get a contact than from one who wants to hear from you or wants something from you. So getting poeple wo wilfully opt-in is the best way to get them to subscribe.
Create an Auto-Responder campaign, in which a number is supplied for the potential clients or subscribers to subscribe for the service.

  1. Create an Auto-Responder Campaign

  2. An auto-Responder campaign is one where the your bulk SMS account automatically responds with a set text message when someone texts a keyword to your assigned mobile number. Our service provides 2-way mobile phone numbers for you to be able text 2-way and respond your clients at an affordable price.

  3. Set the external advert for subscribers

  4. Get an advert on a poster, ad-board or even on social media like facebook to get people to text in to your 2-way number or shortcode. Higher rates of subscription if followers have an incentive to subscribe. Make it worth while for them.

  5. Wait and watch followers subscribe

  6. All the hard work has been done in the first 2 steps, now people will subscribe and get an Auto-Response Message that you set for them in step 1.

An example is a restaurant which has an ad-board outside, and as people pass they see the offer which says "text DISCOUNT to xxxxx to get future offers and new menus". As people text the number with the keyword, they receive a subscription confirmation reply. The system then stores the subscriber's number in a subscribers' group, ready for you to send the next message in the future.

The benefits of this are:

  • You can start an Auto-responder campaign without subscribers.
  • Clients wilfully consent to subscription.
  • No extra manual work is needed in uploading and storing numbers in a database, the system does it for you when they text in.

So this means you don't need any numbers to start with to sign up to our service. We will help you collect the numbers legitimately, and with 50 free messages you can have a go at trying our service with no strings attached. For more information please contact us here

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