• By Wilson Mazaiwana
  • In sms marketing tips
  • Posted Dec 16, 2015

How to build a highly responsive subscription base.

When you have a web site that your clients/followers go to, then you have the ultimate tool to get them to subscribe to your new products, services, discounts and offers. By letting them subscribe to your alerts and notifications you are guaranteed to have a happy bunch of subscribers and you stay on the right side of the law. 80% of consumers say they have not been marketed to via SMS by their favourite brands and 57% of consumers say they would be interested in opting into a brand’s SMS loyalty program (Hipcricket), so take initiative in identifying your loyal customers and giving them what they want!

Below we have a few examples of how simple the widget can be on your web site.

  1. Enve Beauty's home page (http://www.envebeautybar.co.uk)
  2. In this example they have seamlessly blended in the widget to get numbers for people who are interested in what they will be offering.

  3. Restaurants
  4. Another example is for a restaurant (in this case Bar1725 - www.bar1725.co.uk), where they can send new menus, discounts and monthly/weekly offers, or when the need arises.

This method virtually works in every industry where people need or want to be informed of notifications and updates on something they care about. They could be subscribing to some latest news, latest football scores, latest weather updates, stock prices, product stock updates or and other service of interest. Don't miss out on an opportunity to make your customers happy whilst you fill your pockets!

Here at SMSJuice we offer assistance with you or your web developer to get this setup free-of-charge. We can also provide a widget and a code snippet to make it work. We also help you keep in touch with your clients and subscribers, and with 50 free messages you can have a go at trying our service with no strings attached by clicking here. For more information please contact us here.

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