You can easily send text messages from your registered email with ease. Not only can you send messages from your email, you can manage your contact groups, add numbers to them, schedule messages for sending later and even set automatic repeat reminders for recurring appointments and events. Just to make sure that no one spoofs your email and sends messages without your consent we have an added layer of security where you can insert your account secret (different from your password) into the email you send to our system.


Send message to one recipient OR a group

Send messages to either a single contact or a group of contacts.

Schedule For Later

Schedule to send messages for later.

Set Auto Repeat Reminders

Set your reminders through email, even automated repeat reminders.

Add new groups

Add new groups of contacts using your email. You can set them as repeat reminders, for and day, week and month combination you want.

Add new contacts to existing groups

Manage your contacts through email. Add new contacts to existing groups

Secure Sending

You can send your messages securely by including a secret key in the subject field along with the other parameters

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