SMS for your charity will help reach the relevant people quicker and more effectively.

Text messaging is such an accessible way of communication. Especially knowing that people use it everyday to stay in touch. Charities can benefit from using text messaging when they need to keep in touch with their donors, staff and assets they are providing for. Increasing awareness of your charity's cause is probably the most important thing if it depends on people's support. Text messaging is better at getting the message into peoples pockets because it arrives and is read in the next few seconds, compared to an email which might never be opened on time, or social media where there is limited reach.


Reach parents quickly and efficiently

On average we look at our phones 170 times a day, and the notifications do not go to spam. Your text messages usually arrive within a couple of minutes of sending them. Text messaging(98% read rate) gets seen quicker and easier than email (22% read rate).

Great for getting your donors involved

When one donates to a charity toward a certain goal, it is good to inform them on how far the campaign is going. Keep them informed because they are likely to help more for a cause they have donated to

Good for a reminder for people who have pledged

Sometimes we need a reminder to tell us that we have pledged and shown interest. Follow up is good, it keeps the impulse and people are more likely to honour their pledges when reminded of them and their deadlines

Boosted event and activity awareness

People are more likely to turn up to fundraiser events and activities when they know that they are happening. What better way than to put the message straight into their pockets?

Better communication with beneficiaries

The people benefiting from the charity's events/activities/campaigns are probably the most important people to keep in touch with. SMS is the best was through the most basic phone they can communicate their needs and feedback to the service they are benefiting from

Best communication method when working in remote areas

SMS is the best way to communicate with staff and other interested parties in remote & rural areas where internet is not available

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