Text Messaging is perfect for the healthcare sector in many ways.

The effectiveness and instant nature of text messaging is something that can be put to good use in the healthcare sector, especially in improving and enhancing the outcome of the health of patients. The wellness and safety of patients is an important issue and we believe that with our innovation and solutions we can contribute to making wellness and safety better.


Fewer Missed Appointments/DNAs

Patients missing fewer appointments is a double benefit for the healthcare and the patient. The patient gets to be seen on time in case their condition escalates, and for the doctor/dentist that means less wasted time, less strain on the healthcare resources, more revenue and profits.

Reduces Carbon Footprint

Reduce your carbon footprint and save costs by using less stationery and postal services. A reduction in postal and printing costs can be achieved by using electronic communication. SMS has advantage over the other electronic forms because of its high read rate when received (98%).

High Feedback Rates

People are more likely to respond to feedback requests and surveys through text messaging compared to other media. Perfect for the 'Friends & Family Test'.

Better Adherence To Medication Taking

A research done at Queen Mary University London showed that when patients were reminded to take their medication they improved by 64%. This means less errors, less A&E visits and less strain on resources if critically ill patients are reminded to take their medication.

2-way Patient Interaction

As well as reminding patients of their medication taking SMS messaging can be used to communicate with patients and those who are at risk of being infected/affected by a condition. The benefit is you can directly find out how they are doing and decide what steps to take.

Track Receipts and Analytics

With Text messaging you can track if the patient has received it, and also track responses. This helps keep an up-to-date record of people's contact details.

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