Text Messaging for Restaurants, Bristros and Cafes

What is the factor that really drives customer interest? In most cases, it is a good deal or the promise of a giveaway. When it comes to eating establishments, customers love receiving a value add or getting a percentage off the price of a meal. SMS marketing is one of the best ways provide promotional offers, and far more cost effective than fliers and posting paper ads through traditional mail.


Increase customer loyalty

Tailor special offers for your loyal customers, engage them with loyalty discounts through SMS, motivate them for future purchases, and maybe thank them for visiting your restaurant/pub!

Promote New Food/Wine Menus

Text messaging can help you spread the word for your new menus, ensure that your customers are aware of your latest updates on menus.

Reduce quiet periods

Push up the sales during quiet periods, create special offers or give extra incentives to your customers for example advertise through SMS an offer of 20% discount for the lunch hours (12pm-2pm). Try a text like “Two for one Chai Tea, today only! 3-5pm!”. Fill up empty tables during weekdays. Attract more people inside your restaurant/cafe.

Save Time & Money

Expect an increase in revenue, because of the increase of customers, SMS saves you money and time and cuts down costs!

Price Guarantee

Our price packages for SMS are unrivalled. Pay as you go, no setup fees! Compare with Ads and leaflets are costly and with low engagement. It only takes 2 minutes to send out a strong message about your products to all your customer base, and within an hour you can feel the positive impact!

Quick & Effective Method

25% retention of SMS coupons compared with internet coupons! 98% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes of receipt, compared to email’s 22% and facebook’s 12% Reach your customers anytime, anywhere, directly! No smartphones, apps, internet or credit needed

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